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This is our F.A.Q. section, where you can learn more about us and how you book a taxi, download our app and use it and some much more. If your question is not mentioned here feel free to contact and we will be happy to help you.

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1. basics

Learn more about us and our services

You can order a taxi by phone: +370 46 221-221, or make an order directly on the web site: order taxi

or using our TAXASVB application for Android and iOS devices!

If you want to cancel your order please contact our operator: +370 46 221-221

2. TAXASVB application

More about our mobile app and how you can use it.

You can download our TAXASVB app for Android and iOS devices now:

Our program is easy to use and very user-friendly. Just enter your address and in a few minutes we will be in place. More details: about TAXASVB

For each trip you will receive points, with enough gathering you can pay for the next trip. More details: discount system

Our TAXASVB program is completely free, and helps you to save time and accumulate discounts.

The application will automatically determine your location and when you book a taxi and next time, select an address for new trips from previously used.

3. lost & found

If you used a taxi with TAXASVB application and lost something, it will be easier to retrieve them because TAXASVB will determine who has carried you and check if the item has been left in a taxi.

Contact us by phone as soon as possible: +370 46 221-221 or send an


TAXASVB Taxi order service in the city of Klaipeda

Now you can order a taxi in the city of Klaipeda in two clicks, no longer have to wait for the operators to response. You can choose the car suitable for you, in advance to see the cost of the trip.

download app

Now you can download our app on Android and iOS mobile device:

  +370 46 221 221
  Mainų g. 8, Klaipėda